Good for you, my country

Good for you, my country

An outbreak

We are more aware of the awakening of the eastern lion - China

Only China puts people's "lives" above everything else

In the outbreak in China, treatment is free.

With the outbreak abroad, the Chinese embassy is still trying to contact local Chinese to take them home.


An outbreak of disease has made the world understand that China is the safest country in the world.

However, some foreign countries are still bashfully blaming China and demanding an apology

The foreign ministry spokesman, zhao lijian, responded directly

See our "zhao dui dui" classmate is how to reply -

"H1NI spread to 214 countries and regions, who asked the United States to apologize?"

(source: douyin)

Domineering still take a kind of logic thinking that cannot counterattack, this who can bear?

The United States was silenced.

And the "cool guy" who laughs when he speaks.

"I will not comment on whether the us response to the outbreak is open and transparent.I will not comment here on whether the us has effectively used the precious time China has bought for the world.There is an old saying in China, "if you have something to do, do not do it yourself." 

(source: douyin)

What can I do?Against what??


"Do you know what that means?"

Looking at a face confused American reporters, our spokesman did not hold back, smiled...


(source: douyin)

The last sound of "ha ha", you taste, you fine taste.

"I'll just laugh. What can you do?"

Honest and frank, really is the name of the people.

This year's diplomatic "F4" really let a person feel very comfortable

Each exchange showed me the wisdom and gentlemanliness of a great China

As the only female in "diplomatic F4", hua jie really put the four words "to rou ke gang" into full play.

Hua's golden sentence, the most famous or that sentence -

Don't be too American.

(source: douyin)

The implication is --

In the softest voice, say the hardest words...Such a hua elder sister, too sa!

Of course, you'll never wake a fool up.

In the face of geng shuang's "dialing", do not understand even if, hua chunying put the words to you on the table, the other side still choose to turn a blind eye.

So what do we do?

Next, it's time for foreign minister wang yi, who sits firmly in the diplomatic F4 team.

"You don't understand people's words, I again why and you nonsense."

Give you a look oneself realize ~

This roll of the eyes, everywhere revealed a "king of contempt" feeling.

Of course, if you didn't want me to respond, I could have come with open mouth.

"What nonsense!" wang said in response to the us vice President's groundless accusation of China's internal affairs.

(source: douyin)

Just four words, no more, no more I'm afraid you don't understand...

Such a hard - core reply, cannot leave a strong motherland as backing.Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China, China has made historic achievements in reform, opening up and socialist modernization.

I remember that in March 2018, amazing my country was released in theaters across the country and caused a big sensation.

The film presents a stunning spectacle of a powerful nation standing proudly.There are plenty of spectacular, large-scale aerial shots.The largest radio telescope FAST in the history of mankind, the world's largest offshore drilling platform "blue whale 2", and the migration of antelope on the mananyong lake all made their appearances, showing the charm of China from the perspectives of dream realization project, scientific and technological innovation, and green China.

In addition, the film also recorded the Chinese ship, bridge, China road, China, China Hong Kong, China and other super engineering and the story behind the images of the shock, the highlight of the strength of a country at the same time, also reflected the people take the bull by the horns, hard work, pioneering spirit of good sentiment, it is because of these can silently pay jointly created our "China dream".

The development of the motherland can not leave behind the silent pay of the workers, it is they seriously to treat every thing, seriously do every thing, repeatedly to experiment, even if the failure is not discouraged, where the fall from where to get up.This sense of responsibility and mission, this confidence of several generations of people to do a good job, this perseverance and perseverance of the spirit of not afraid of hardship and failure, to create a success, every drop of sweat behind them will eventually melt into tears of success and national pride.

As a private enterprise, in the process of development of our enterprises, also can appear this or that kind of problem, when we face the problem, it's the kind of perseverance and we lack power, enterprise to develop, must want to each of us to pay the full sense of responsibility and mission, steadfast to do every thing, problem solving problems, not to retreat, don't shirk responsibility, small xing believes that didn't do bad things, only do bad things.

The Chinese economy can create the world miracle, the private economy has made the indelible contribution.Since 1980, wenzhou's zhang hua-mei received the first individual business license, marking the formal start of the private economy, it has created a boom in the boom.Today China's private economy, the position and role of the economic and social development in our country are ten get important, it has the characteristics of the "56789", which means that private economy contributed 50% of the "tax", 60% of the GDP and private investment, 70% of the technological innovation and new product development, 80% of the jobs, 90% of the number of markets and new jobs.Private economy can even occupy half of China's economic development!It is inseparable from each of us and has permeated every aspect of our lives.We as private enterprise workers, should be proud of this, we pay every drop of sweat will be integrated into the wave of private economic development!

I am proud, I am a Chinese, but I am not complacent, if each of us can take today as the first day of life and the last day of life, then our strength will be immeasurable!Give play to our specialty, try our best, change our life, work hard, create value!

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