• Warm congratulations to shaanxi xingsheng new mater
    Release time:2020-03-31
    Day three The good news came from the stock exchange The company received the offer letter The excitement is beyond words At the height of the epidemic Successfully log on the new third board Undoubtedly, it is a great inspiration to all th
  • Good for you, my country
    Release time:2020-03-31
    An outbreak We are more aware of the awakening of the eastern lion - China Only China puts peoples lives above everything else In the outbreak in China, treatment is free. With the outbreak abroad, the Chinese embassy is still trying to con
  • The home has the youth early growth, welcome to fli
    Release time:2020-03-31
    Hello, everyone A new week begins Xiao xing is going to introduce it to you today Is a new member of my family - precision straight welded pipe production line According to the size of the row down, is my old nine They say slow work makes f
  • Concerted efforts to fight the epidemic have risen
    Release time:2020-02-27
    Prevention and control of the epidemic is the most urgent task at present, enterprise development is the work that must hurry up. Today, enterprises have started to resume work and production one after another, with a wide range of personne
  • We'll be seeing you on December 11th
    Release time:2019-12-09
    In the last month of 2019, I believe everyone is busy, and xiao xing is no exception. The last stop of this year will be exhibited in Shanghai evaporative crystal exhibition on December 11. Booth no. E2021, be there or be square! People fam
  • Without quality as the premise, everything is empty
    Release time:2019-12-09
    Quality is the soul of enterprise development Quality is the foundation of enterprises survival A product without good quality will never get anywhere Businesses will struggle without good products Since its establishment, shaanxi xingsheng
  • Build a heart "firewall", build a safety net of
    Release time:2019-11-26
    Fire safety, not only a slogan, but to fall into place. Because its about everyone, every family. The importance of fire safety is self-evident, which is why November is designated as fire safety month every year. On November 23, 2019, shaa
  • The track is ready. Where are you that want to fly?
    Release time:2019-11-27
    Wake up every day Ask yourself What do you want? Is it there? Encourage yourself to fight for your dreams This is a small amount of positive energy But in reality Im afraid most people do Jingle bell The first alarm went off A lazy hand str
  • To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding o
    Release time:2019-11-26
    The motherland is celebrating its 70th birthday On this day of national celebration Every Chinese is extremely proud Compared with previous years This years event Momentum more shocking Richer content More novel form It fully shows the eleg
  • Happy people reunion!
    Release time:2019-11-26
    About Mid-Autumn festival The ancient chang e moon, wu gang logging guangxi legend Today there is the custom of appreciating laurel, watching tide and dancing fire dragon However, the reunion of the full moon is an eternal theme After all,
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