Company name: shaanxi xingsheng new material co., LTD
Company address: no. 23, changsheng road (gaoxin 10 road), high-tech industrial development zone, weibin district, baoji city, shaanxi province, China
Company tel: +86-0917-3551297
Company fax: +86-0917-3377989/3907068
Lee: 18991720877
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Yang QQ: 3001007025
Liu manager QQ: 3001026738
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Manager Chen QQ: 3001092436
Processing business contracting team:
Mr.wong: 13992733756
Leaf total: 15181032760
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Add:中国 陕西 宝鸡市渭滨区 高新技术产业开发区昌盛路(高新10路)23号
Tel:0917-3551297 Fax:0917-3907068

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