• Greeting the dawn is the advance in the dark!
    Release time:2020-07-09
    In the past two days, the Baoji titanium ring has exploded May 13, 2020 Xingsheng New Materials officially listed on the New Third Board The titanium ring that has been quiet for a few months has become active again Successful listing not o
  • Eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents and build
    Release time:2020-07-09
    With the approval of the State Council, ten departments including the State Economic Commission, the State Construction Commission, the National Defense Industry Office, the Finance and Trade Group of the State Council, the National Federat
  • Happy July 1st, birthday flower, bright blooming
    Release time:2020-07-09
    In order to greet the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, to further strengthen party spirit training, strengthen the awareness of party members, and improve the quality of party members, Shaanxi Xingsheng New
  • Warm congratulations on the successful conclusion o
    Release time:2020-07-09
    On the morning of June 22, 2020, Xingsheng New Materials held the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. The companys leadership team, board of directors, board of supervisors, senior management, shareholders and shareholders represen
  • Titanium and zirconium technology show their talent
    Release time:2020-07-09
    In the past two days, Baoji Titanium Zirconium Metal Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xingsheng New Materials, has become a hot topic for discussion in the east district of Tigu in Mei County. The landing of a large-scale
  • "Double check-in, guarantee employment" prosper
    Release time:2020-07-09
    On May 23, 2020, the Weibin District Double Registration, Employment Protection Recruitment Fair was held in Baoji Railway Station Square. The event was sponsored by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Weibin District and the
  • Warm congratulations to shaanxi xingsheng new mater
    Release time:2020-03-31
    Day three The good news came from the stock exchange The company received the offer letter The excitement is beyond words At the height of the epidemic Successfully log on the new third board Undoubtedly, it is a great inspiration to all th
  • The home has the youth early growth, welcome to fli
    Release time:2020-03-31
    Hello, everyone A new week begins Xiao xing is going to introduce it to you today Is a new member of my family - precision straight welded pipe production line According to the size of the row down, is my old nine They say slow work makes f
  • Concerted efforts to fight the epidemic have risen
    Release time:2020-02-27
    Prevention and control of the epidemic is the most urgent task at present, enterprise development is the work that must hurry up. Today, enterprises have started to resume work and production one after another, with a wide range of personne
  • We'll be seeing you on December 11th
    Release time:2019-12-09
    In the last month of 2019, I believe everyone is busy, and xiao xing is no exception. The last stop of this year will be exhibited in Shanghai evaporative crystal exhibition on December 11. Booth no. E2021, be there or be square! People fam
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