This little spring to no more than a few days, where a plum

This little spring to no more than a few days, where a plum

Beginning of winter is the 19th solar term of the 24 solar terms and the first solar term of winter.On November 7 or 8 of the Gregorian calendar, when the sun reaches 225 degrees, it is the beginning of winter.Li, jianshi also, that winter began from this;Winter, eventually, all things collection also, animals hide away from the cold, after the autumn harvest people have also been the harvest collection library.

The ancients divided each of the 24 solar terms into three equal periods, and each five days into one pentad, so as to describe the climate change characteristics of each solar term in terms of three pentads.The three hou of beginning of winter are:The second pentad ground began to freeze;Three hours later, the pheasants fall into the flood.

Start of winter means officially into the cold winter, the body is the capital of the revolution, health tips learn, let you less sick in winter.

1. Peace of mind

In winter, the metabolism of the human body is in a relatively slow period, therefore, winter health care should focus on "Tibet", "Tibet means that people should keep quiet in winter.Encounter unpleasant things, to learn to regulate the bad mood, for depression in the heart of the bad mood, can be released through appropriate means, in order to maintain peace of mind.

Also, get plenty of sun.Because winter dark early, light time is short, is also easy to make people have a reason for depression, because the dark, the human brain pineal gland melatonin secretion increased, can affect people's mood, and light can inhibit the secretion of this hormone.

2, live heavily against the cold

The principle of health care is to go to bed early and get up late.

In winter, assure sufficient morpheus time is particularly important, tell from the Angle that raises health to learn from tradition, winter increases morpheus time appropriately to be helpful for human body Yang qi latent and Yin jing accumulation, make human body achieves Yin pingyang secret, spirit is the healthy state that treats.

3, easy to slow movement

Winter exercise is indispensable, moderate exercise can enhance the body resistance to resist the invasion of disease.Warm up is important in cold winter when your limbs are stiff.If stretch limb, tai chi, 8 duan jin, canter, make the body after perspire slightly, undertake the fitness exercise of high intensity again.

Eat a balanced diet

As the saying goes, "food is better than medicine".Tonic food is especially important in winter recuperation.Winter temperature is too low, in order to maintain a certain amount of heat, the human body must increase the decomposition of sugar, fat and protein, in order to produce more energy, adapt to the needs of the body, so must eat more food rich in sugar, fat, protein and vitamins.At the same time, cold weather also affects the urinary system of the human body, urination increased, along with the urine excreted sodium, potassium, calcium and other inorganic salts are also more, therefore should eat more containing potassium, sodium, calcium and other inorganic salts food.In addition, also want to eat vegetable more, increase the food such as lean meat, fish, egg appropriately, still can eat the food such as chicken, turtle, mutton, longan, agaric more.

The beginning of winter is the beginning of winter, and winter brings people the intuitive feeling, is nothing but cold and harsh.But beneath this grim surface, there is actually a calm, serene essence.Winter is like practice.The four seasons each have belong to, spring burst out, summer passion, autumn harvest, to the winter, be quiet, think about.There is movement and stillness, which is the practice of life.


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