To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the mot

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the mot

The motherland is celebrating its 70th birthday

On this day of national celebration

Every Chinese is extremely proud

Compared with previous years

This year's event

Momentum more shocking

Richer content

More novel form

It fully shows the elegant demeanour of our great China

To show the Chinese people and the world a rising China

On the last day of the holiday, the labor union of shaanxi xingsheng new material co., ltd. held a fun sports meeting themed "beauty is thriving in the golden autumn" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the motherland.At the beginning of the activity, the team was divided into four teams through team building, namely, 1 "patriotic team", 2 "winning team", 3 "surpassing team", and 4 "rockets".

The flag then entered, followed by four teams of athletes.Union President Yang hongyan read out the details and rules of the competition.

Activity begins, the first item is 25 meters dash relay race, listen to a whistle to ring only, athlete is like the arrow that leaves a string general dash toward the end line.After several competitions, 4 teams "rockets" won the championship.
The second is table tennis pass. The hand can't touch the ball. How to keep balance and carry the ball to the end point is the key.See everybody eight immortals cross the sea each show ability, final 4 teams "rocket" win again.

The 3rd item is together in the same boat, tie leg to walk, you give left foot he gives right foot, have physical strength requirement already, have speed test again, coordination is bad but want to wrestle of.In the end, three teams "surpassed the team" to win the championship.

The fourth is the magic circle, two people through the way of turning the ribbon from one person to another person, the ribbon will start again.In the end, the 2 "winning team" won the championship with a time of 28 seconds.

The fifth item is kung fu balloon, in which two people clamp the balloon with their bodies and cross the obstacle to the designated position.Not only to ensure the safety of the balloon but also the smooth passage of obstacles, it can be said to be a great test of teamwork.In the end, the two "must-win teams" won the title again.

The sixth event is the fixed-point shooting competition, timed 2 minutes. All the remaining members of each team take turns to shoot the ball to the designated player. The "winning team" won the championship for the third time with a score of 40 points.

The seventh event is tug-of-war competition, men and women are divided into two teams, two wins of three games.After several fierce competitions, both men's and women's groups won.

At the end of the competition, xincai's family presents presents for the 70th birthday of the great motherland.

Award link, the rich category of prizes, only you can not think of.

In the end, general manager li haitao made a speech: he pointed out that on this day of national celebration, it is a happy thing for families to get together!Today's activity is very successful, thanks for the activity organized by the trade union, I hope you can put the passion, enthusiasm and the spirit of unity and struggle into the future work.Bless the motherland more prosperous and prosperous, also hope that we write a prosperous new chapter together in the future!

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