Pair up to help a family get rid of poverty and get rich syn

Pair up to help a family get rid of poverty and get rich syn

From 2015 to 2019, the country's poverty alleviation efforts are self-evident.From the initial set target, hard work and solid work, to the targeted poverty alleviation in 17 years, and then to this year's "two worries, three guarantees", "three districts, three prefectures" and other in-depth poverty alleviation measures, we can see the determination of the country to fight poverty.

Xingsheng xincai enthusiastically responded to the call of the state and actively participated in the activity of "office of the working committee of the communist party of China baoji high-tech zone, office of the management committee of baoji high-tech zone" on "village and enterprise co-construction to help alleviate poverty and promote rural revitalization".To send care and warmth to the poor.

To lift the impoverished population out of poverty as scheduled is a solemn commitment made by our party to the whole nation.To fulfill this commitment, greater efforts will be required from all regions.Poverty does not come into being in one day or two. If we want to eradicate it, we will not be able to make the most of it. We must combine it with development, make up our minds to fight tough battles, and take targeted measures to alleviate poverty, so that people who really need help can enjoy the sunshine and rain of poverty alleviation and development.I hope all the people have enough food and clothing, hard into the mountains.In the future, xingsheng xincai will continue to help the local poor households out of poverty, through their own ways to contribute to poverty alleviation.

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