Great love never bounds a friend in need is a friend indeed

Great love never bounds a friend in need is a friend indeed

July 28, 2019, was originally an ordinary day, but it turned out to be a disastrous day for huang haihong's family. On that day, huang haihong, 47, died of an accident, leaving behind his wife, daughter in grade two and son in primary school.

After being informed of the news, the company attached great importance to it, and the head office united with the subsidiary company of meixian county to organize donations and condolences in the first time (July 29), and reported the information to the meixian labor union. On August 2, the company's senior leaders and members of the labor union committee again went to the right four tan of huaiya town, meixian county, where the employee's family is located, and timely handed over the fund raised by the employee and the company's rescue fund to the poor family, bringing hope and warmth to the broken family.
Mei county trade union received the report, give full play to the role of the trade union organization, reflect the union organization "home" warmth, August 29 to the poor family to give 3000 yuan.Hope huang haihong's wife and children can regain confidence and work hard to live!
In order to express their gratitude, the family members sent a thank-you note, thanking everyone for their help and support.

As the saying goes: great love will never be boundless, a friend in need is a friend indeed!I hope my family can get up as soon as possible, get out of the pain of losing a loved one as soon as possible, regain confidence and work hard to live!Finally, warm tips to your families, no matter what you do, safety will always be the first!

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